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Freelance Quran tutor for online classes
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Freelance Quran tutor for kids

Finding a good Pakistani Qari Quran Tutor on Freelance basis is not easy task. If you are looking for a tutor who can teach the Holy Quran with Tajweed in Arabic then you are at the right place. Based in Islamabad Pakistan I am a certified Qari to teach children of all ages boys, girls and adults.

My classes are available via Skype. I can speak English, Urdu and Arabic fluently. Students are taught about the correct pronunciation of Arabic alphabets with regular practice using Nooraniyah Qaidah, rules of Tajweed, assisted to start and complete memorization using a variety of techniques and the reading of the Quran are also included.

I have been teaching to kids of all ages and adults as well so I know how to teach Quran to kids so they can focus during the class. Apart from teaching Quran, I also teach Islamic Studies, prayer steps and basic Arabic for children.

Whether you are based in Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden or any other country and looking for a reliable Quran Tutor then look no further an book you free class today. You can also follow us on our Social media accounts.

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