Children, the Quran and our responsibility

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Quran and children, both of them have a very intimate connection, it is very important that the experts of the Quran in the world were connected to the Qur’an from childhood. The children who are linked to the quran by their parents at very young age, remained the whole life related to the Qur’an’s . Here I also explain the need to explain that linking with the Qur’aan at childhood does not mean what is going on in our society, return the child back from school to the mosque for half an hour, when he The child is very fatigue, and then parents have kept all the responsibility of Qari Sahib, years of age and parents never meet Qari Sahib.

If you are in the present era Alhamdulillah!The trend of memorizing quran is much higher, but it is usually the same that people sign on certificate of forgiveness and accept their forgiveness for ten people, sitting on their own, namely, we have been forgiven . Therefore, it is often seen that children are not provided a clean environment, the child comes from madrassa and is also benefiting from the shaitani tools of the house, in the shape of films, plays and cartoons, injection of dajjali instruction takes place in head .

Despite increasing the trend of memorization of quran, there are still more than ninty percent of those who do not link the child with quran at childhood. It is also our observation that the children who memorize in their childhood, their memory is stronger than other children, so if the children first start to be memorized at the age of five, then the rest of the things Later the child learns very well. The second thing is also important that the child will be taught in the young age, the same colour will be seen in his practical life. This is why the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to pray salah at the age of seven years, even though the seven-year-old boy is not obliged to pray, yet there are more than seven years in the obligatory prayer, this is the reason for all. This is narrated from Ali ra: أدبوا أولادکم علي ثلاث خصال: حب نبیكم وحب آل بیتہ وتلاوة القرآن, فإن حملة القرآن في ظل عرش الله یوم لاظل إلا ظله مع أنبيائه وأصفيائه ”. “Teach three characteristics to your children: The love of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), the love of Ahlbe bait and the love of quran, because in the shadow of Allah’s Throne, those who remember the Quran On the day when there will be no shadow besides its shadow. ” Imam Ghazali said that: “The child should be taught the Quran and Ahadith Nabiah and righteous people’s events.”

In early times when people used to arrange and give children to their teachers, they request them to teach the children the holy quran first, so that their language is correct. Their souls become pure and piety in their hearts, and their beliefs become strong.

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Great blog !
your post is very helpful . I appreciate you . Learning quran is one of the most important part of life . Everyone should practice regular to learn Quran

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