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Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Noorani Qaida is the basic book to learn reading the Holy Quran and is taught mostly in Non Arab countries. This is beneficial for both kids and adults to read the Holy Quran correctly. We teach Qaida with tajweed so your kids will understand the rules of tajweed as a part of our online quran classes. Learning Qaida is the first step towards proper recitation and is very important to make strong base of the pronunciation of the Arabic words.

It doesn’t matter where you are and whats your age you can start learning Noorani Qaida online clasess with us today. After finishing the classes you will learn to recite the Holy Quran with the right accent. We have customised courses for both kids and adults. The basic course is great for kids and beginners and the intermediate course is best suited for those who already have basic understanding of Arabic alphabets and the advance course is for those who want to take their learning skills to the next level.